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Four beautiful uses of garden decking rope for your backyard

Decking ropes have many uses. They are very popular for use in the garden. Before we get into listing what these uses are – our friends over at ridethewaves.co.uk have a special offer for our readers!! That’s right – you can upto 15% off your first order of decking rope – just use this voucher code at checkout: 15offdrope!

Here are four interesting uses of garden decking line for your backyard.

Rope Swings


It’s an enjoyable experience to sit on a rope swing. You will feel like you have gone back to your childhood. Rope swings are great fun for both children and adult. You can hang them from your backyard trees or make wooden frames and then hang it from there.

Decking Posts


You can use ropes for decking posts. They act as a boundary, so you can sit there with your children without worrying that they might fall off the deck. They also give a nice visual.

Garden Handrails


With these, you can transform the look of the deck. It will perfectly complement your garden aesthetic. You can add decorative wooden spindles or even add metal panels to give it a modern look. It also acts as a safety measure, especially if you have children around the house.

Lawn Edging


If you have a small garden in your backyard, you can use rope for lawn edging to give it a classic look. If you have a traditional-looking house, rope garden edging will complement the look.

Now you know that decking ropes can have many interesting uses apart from being used in sailing. These ropes are strong and will last longer. Manufacturers are using different materials to make the ropes more functional. You can also get various colors of ropes. Lighting ropes are also available to decorate your backyard. You can find these ropes in any shop selling garden accessories.