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How to dock a boat using decking rope?

Docking a boat can be tricky. You need to consider several factors before properly docking a boat. Before you approach the dock, you must secure one end of the docking lines onboard. You should reduce the speed of your boat and have your fenders ready.

Pay attention to the wind

If the wind is onshore, then you should bring the boat parallel to the dock with two feet away. The wind will automatically blow the boat inwards. You can then secure the boat by bow, stern and spring lines. If the wind is offshore, you should turn your boat so that it’s at 20 to 30 degrees angle to the deck. Then pass a bow line ashore and secure it.

If the wind blows toward the dock, the boat is brought parallel to the dock and left only two feet away. The wind will blow the boat inwards. Bow, stern, and spring lines can then secure the boat.

Learning the craft

Some skill is required to tie the boat to the dock. Most boaters use spring lines to stop the movement of the boat when in the dock. These can also be used to get in and out of tight spaces. You should secure your boat’s cleats properly. You need a minimum of four of these.

Your spring lines should be one foot longer than the length of your boat. The spring lines should be of nylon so that they stretch under tension and reduces shock loads. To avoid accidents, you should make sure that nothing comes in the way between the dock and the boat. You should make sure that all crew members are safe when you dock the boat.