Welcome to Marine Quest!

We are a small business providing solutions for different kinds of rope related applications, especially boating
About us


The variety of ropes we have in our store, you won’t find it elsewhere. Whether you need ropes for gardening, boating, or any other activities, we have them in our stock. Here are the types of ropes we provide.

General ropes


These ropes can are for general purposes, like as mooring ropes or garden decking ropes. We have both natural and synthetic rope options. If you are confused which rope to select, you can ask us freely and we will guide you.

Gardening ropes


We have high-quality poly hemp rope used by landscape gardeners. They serve as good decking ropes. We also have different types of Sisal ropes and manila ropes. They are great alternatives to natural fiber.

Marine ropes


These are used as mooring ropes, anchor ropes or yacht ropes. They have low stretch options and are available in different colors. You can use these for any boating applications.

Gymnasium ropes


These are used for workouts. They are strong and are tested for strength in boot camps. They have non-slip handles, making them safe to be used for exercises.

We have spent years in experimenting with ropes. We have improved our products so that they are more functional and last longer. We never compromise on quality. Once you buy ropes from us, you will know the difference and will be happy to buy from us again.